Claims Handling

Pursuant to the Resolution of the Control Council of Settlement (CCS) No.144 of 26.04.2012, the ATSS has launched the commercial function of the System of Interactive Interchange (SII) that allows to handle claims using ADM/ACM:

The above functions allows to:

  • Publicate and store the carriers' ADM policies;
  • Upload claims manually or from the systems of a carrier/accredited agency;
  • Register incoming claims;
  • Automatically circulate claims to accredited agencies;
  • Attach files to messages;
  • Make deadline control of outstanding carriers' claims (day counter);
  • Retrieve status of any claim raised or received by an ATSS participant;
  • Retrieve claims statistics.

The regulations for claims handling using ADM/ACM are available in My Account (TCH Connect).

To access the above function in the SII, please use a web-browser as recommend: Microsoft Internet Explorer, v. 8 or higher, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.


Connection (activation): +7(495) 660-19-73, (IT Centre)

Claims handling +7(495) 660-19-71, ext. 169,170,171,186 (TCH Claims Handling Group, ATSS Agency Control/Reporting, Settlement Centre)