In accordance with CCS Resolution №144 of 26.04.2012, ATSS has commissioned in the commercial operation the SII functionality for claims handling through ADM/ACM enabling the below options:

  • Publication and storage of carrier ADM policies;
  • Manual upload of claims or download of data from carrier/agency systems;
  • Registration of incoming claims;
  • Automated circulation of claims among accredited agencies;
  • Business correspondence with attached files;
  • Time control over outstanding carrier claims (day counter);
  • Status display for any claim raised or received by an ATSS member; and
  • Accumulation of claim statistics.

Regulatory documents governing claims management through ADM/ACM are available in the Information Fund of TCH Information System, Database 12. ATSS Implemented Projects", Subsection "System of Interactive Interchange (SII)".

This SII functionality works through the following web browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 8 or older, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.

Connection to functionality "Claims handling through ADM/ACM"

STEP 1: Send to TCH an application for connection in the form set out in “User Manual for connection to TCH Information System".

STEP 2: Get credentials for connection via e-mail.

STEP 3: Activate the functionality through credentials.

User Manual is available on SII Home Page.



Your questions concerning connection, are welcome at TCH Information Services Department of ETC +7(495) 660-19-73,

Your questions concerning claims handling are welcome in TCH Claims Handling Group of Agency Control/Reporting Settlement Centre +7(495) 660-19-71, extension 1-69,1-70,1-71,1-86.