STC maintains the aggregated database of coding directories for the purpose of universal use of codes in information systems for passenger services reservation and sales, publication of timetables and fares, ticketing, settlement and other commercial issues related to passenger services.

STC maintains the codifiers in pursuance of Provision on Assignment, Maintenance and Use of Internal Codes of Carriers, Organizations, Airports, Cities (points) and Civil Aviation Agencies (№ ДВ-63/и dated 12.05.94) and Directive "On Coding Directories Approval” (№ ДВ-109/и date 14.07.94).

STC supports the following coding directories:      

  • Airlines
  • Airports
  • Cities
  • Countries
  • Administrative unites of countries
  • State governing agencies of air transport
  • Terminals
  • TCH accounting code
  • Global regions
  • Federal districts
  • Types of transportation
  • Classes of service
  • Aircraft
  • Currencies, etc.

Airline internal codes are assigned in pursuance of carrier’s appropriate application attached with a copy of Operator’s Certificate.

Internal airport and city codes are assigned under appropriate application from an organization (aviation authorities, airline, airport, civil aviation agency, etc.). The application for domestic code must be accompanied by a copy of State Registration Certificate and Airport Operational Worthiness Certificate.

Other codes are assigned under applications from aviation authorities, airlines, airports, civil aviation agencies and other entities.


For details, please contact STC Coding Department at:

Phone: +7 (495) 660-34-09