SII function for arranging Administrator’s Desktop has been implemented under Multilateral Agreement.

The function enables M2 Administrator

  • to proceed authorized downloading data on through fares generated under Multilateral Agreement into tables of revenue distribution;
  • to issue notices on remuneration for accredited agencies;
  • to sign downloaded data by cryptographic security tools (i.e. ciphering and electronic digital signature - EDS).

To start working with the SII function a user will need a web-browser. The recommended web-browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or later version, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

How to connect to function “Distribution of Revenue for Transportation Issued Under Multilateral Agreement on Creation of Transfer Сonnections and Application of Through Fares” (М2 – Closed fare)"

STEP 1: Submit to TCH Application for Connection
The Application Form is prescribed by “User Manual for Connection to TCH IS".
In addition to Application submit the Power of Attorney issued for the person authorized to proceed connection. It is recommended to use individual keys for other SII functions (if any).

STEP 2: Get credentials and Inter-PRO Client software in accordance with application via e-mail or via your representative’s Power of Attorney at: office 325, 37/12, Leningradsky Prospect, Moscow.

STEP 3: Prepare Intr-PRO Client software for operation following the instruction given in the User Manual and connect the function by entering registry data.

The User Manual (in Russian) can be found on SII home page.



For details on connection, please contact Department of Information Services, TCH Information & Engineering Centre.

Phone: +7(495) 660-19-73

For details on populating the form fields, please contact Agency Audit Department, TCH Settlement Centre.

Phones: +7(495) 660-19-82; +7(495) 660-19-71 (Ext. 1-84, 1-81).