Control Council of Settlement (CCS) acting as ATSS governing authority interim Conferences shall provide support for the ongoing ATSS activities and elaborate development guidelines.

CCS consists of the following structural bodies: CCS Presidium, CCS Carrier Committee and CCS Agency Committee.

CCS Chairman shall be the person nominated to the post of TCH President or acting as TCH President.

CCS may create ad hoc or permanent working bodies (i.e. expert councils, working groups or panels) with the purpose of preliminary evaluation and expertise of various aspects being in CCS competence. The activities of expert councils shall be governed by relevant Provisions approved by CCS, while the activities of other working bodies shall be governed by CCS Resolutions. Meetings of CCS working bodies (expert councils, etc.) shall be initiated by CCS Chairman or CCS Committees Chairmen as deems necessary.

CCS sessions shall be initiated by CCS Chairman, Chairmen of CCS Committees or as prescribed by relevant CCS Resolutions. CCS sessions may be also arranged at the request of ATSS participants: at least 10% of airlines of the total number of airlines or 10% of agencies of the total number of agencies. CCS Chairman shall preside at CCS sessions.

CCS sessions shall elaborate and adopt the Agenda and address the items therein.

Each CCS session shall be formalized by its Resolution as appropriate.

CCS sessions may be held either in praesentia or in absentia.

CCS session shall be deemed competent provided that over 50% of its members take part thereto.

CCS Resolutions shall be approved at its sessions by a simple majority vote of the number of its members attending the session.

CCS Resolutions shall not come in conflict with the Resolutions of ATSS participants’ Conference. CCS Resolutions approved by CCS Chairman shall be binding upon ATSS participants. If a Resolution adopted at CCS session has not been approved by CCS Chairman, such Resolution may be submitted to the extraordinary session of CCS Presidium or extraordinary session of ATSS participants’ Conference.

Provision on Air Transport Settlement System (ATSS)