The Control Council of Settlement (CCS) is an ATSS governing body interim the Conferences. The CCS supports the ongoing ATSS activities and sets out directions of development.

The CCS comprises the CCS Presidium, the CCS Carriers' Committee and the CCS Agencies' Committee.

The CCS Chairman is a duly appointed person or a person acting as TCH President.

The CCS may create ad hoc or permanent acting executive bodies (i.e. advisory board, working groups, panels) for preliminary review of various matters in the CCS competence. The advisory boards are governed by the relevant Provisions as approved by the CCS, and other executive bodies - by the CCS Resolutions. The cessions of the CCS executive bodies (advisory boards, etc.) are held as required from time to time upon the initiative of the CCS Chairman or the CCS Committees Chairmen.

The CCS sessions shall be initiated by the CCS Chairman, the CCS Committees Chairmen or pursuant to the CCS Resolutions. The CCS sessions may also be convened at the request of the ATSS participants: no less than 10% of airlines of the total number of airlines or 10% of agencies of the total number of agencies. The CCS Chairman shall preside at CCS sessions.

The CCS sessions set out agenda and discuss the items thereof.

Each CCS session shall be completed by passing a Resolution.

The CCS sessions may be held both in praesentia and in absentia.

The CCS session shall be deemed to take place where more than half of its members participated in it.

The CCS Resolutions are passed by a simple majority of votes of the members present.

The CCS Resolutions shall not be in contrary with the Resolutions of the ATSS Participants' Conference. The CCS Resolutions approved by the CCS Chairman shall be binding on the ATSS participants. Where a Resolution adopted at a CCS session is not approved by the CCS Chairman, such Resolution may be proposed to an extraordinary session of the CCS Presidium or extraordinary session of the ATSS Participants' Conference.