Governing structure 

  • Conference of Airline Transport Settlement System Participants – the supreme administrative body in the Settlement System;
  • Control Council of Settlement (CCS) – administrative authority in the Settlement System acting in-between Conferences;
  • Transport Clearing House (TCH) - the executive authority in the Settlement System.

Scope and major priorities  

  •  development of missions, elaboration of policies, coordination of activities, representing and legal support of rights and legitimate interests of ATSS participants;
  • elaboration and adoption of organizational pattern principles, support for ATSS operations and development;
  • development, consideration and adoption of basic regulatory, legal and administrative documents for ATSS;
  • development of basic principles and general policies towards integration into global air transportation and settlement routines, on behalf and for the benefit of ATSS participants;
  • coordination of cooperation among ATSS participants for the purpose of implementation of general policies;
  • collaboration with Government administrative agencies so as to represent and protect the interests of ATSS participants in federal, interstate, international and civil aviation organizations or other associations.