Internet acquiring with 3DS authentication technology and MirAccept

In order to be able to accept payment (bank) cards of international payment systems at Internet points-of-sale (IPOSs) in payment for transportation and other ancillary services, agencies and their sub-agents are offered to use TCH's all-in-one payment Internet solution.

The Payment Internet Solution supports several forms of payment:

TCH's Payment Internet Solution allows to arrange both payment for air transportation on ATSS STDs and payment for ancillary services provided to customers, such as, agency service fees, insurance and transfer services (Aeroexpress trains), air transportation booked out of a neutral TCH session, etc.

TCH's Internet Payment Solution Benefits

  1. No financial security is required to sell transportation by payment against (bank) cards.
  2. The Agency does not need to sign separate agreements with banks and processing companies. Sales and settlement are arranged under contractual relationship with TCH.
  3. Uniform rules for transactions with payment (bank) cards; uniform reporting and settlement; specially assigned codes of the forms of payment 'PK' and 'INV PK'.
  4. In case of the issuance of transportation on ATSS STDs with payment (bank) cards under the 'PK' form of payment, the Agency does not need to pay a fee for processing of payment (bank) cards that is collected on the amount of transportation (a fare, airport and governmental charges, the ZZ Charge).
  5. Payment (bank) cards can be accepted in payment of the Agency's service fees and other charges collected when issuing transportation under a Model Agreement with TCH.
  6. For refund operations, settlement with cardholders are automated and processed in payment systems on the next banking day after a refund operation was made in a reservation system.
  7. TCH's Payment Internet Solution uses an adjustable automated system of fraud risk assessment (fraud monitoring), the technology of authentication of cardholders (3D-Secure) that greatly reduces the risks of fraud and allows to shift these risks to card-issuing banks.

  8. The Agency obtains a convenient, informative back-office system of a payment gateway, which is integrated in a reservation system, and which allows its users to control operations, manage payments, review detailed information, and get fast reports on payment.

  9. Claim handling with payment systems is performed and controlled by TCH.

Procedure to activate payment by payment (bank) cards when issuing air transportation at Internet points-of-sale (IPOS) with the 'PK' form of payment

  1. File an accreditation application (or a letter requesting to expand the rights of already accredited) Internet point-of-sale (IPOS) with payment.
  2. Integrate the software of your website with TCH's Internet Payment Solution.
  3. Prepare a beta-website for testing with TCH;
  4. Submit to TCH a list of Agency's employees to be provided with the access to the back-office of the payment gateway in order to be able to display and manage payments;
  5. Pay a one-time fee for parameterization (registration of an IPOS in payment systems) in accordance with the Price List.

When the testing of an IPOS is completed, TCH issues a Qualification Certificate for the IPOS. If the Agency shows successful testing results and the agency's website (IPOS) has been successfully registered in payment systems, TCH will activate the system of payment by payment (bank) cards at this Internet point-of-sale.

Procedure to activate payment by payment (bank) cards when issuing air transportation at Internet points-of-sale (IPOS) for the carriers that banned to use the 'PK' form of payment (payment by the 'INV PK' form of payment)

  1. Follow the steps of Section 'Procedure to activate payment by payment (bank) cards when issuing air transportation at Internet points-of-sale (IPOS) with the 'PK' form of payment'.
  2. Via 'My Account' on TCH's website, send the 'Request to open/close payment by bank cards for the flights of the carriers that banned the 'PK' Form of Payment (the 'INV PK' form of payment). This Request is available in Section 'Requests (Applications) to TCH', Arrangement of transportation sale by plastic cards.
  3. Activate the settings of the software of the website required for the 'INV PK' form of payment, as agreed with TCH, - not earlier than the status "Completed" is received in TCH's 'My Account' under the 'Request to open/close the payment by bank cards for the carriers that banned the 'PK' Form of Payment (the 'INVPK' form of payment)'.

About 3D Secure и MirAccept

3D Secure technology is a part of global programs 'Verified by Visa' by Visa International and 'MasterCard SecureCode' by MasterCard Worldwide and is designed to ensure secure and reliable payment for merchandises and services on the Internet.

Globally, over 15 million holders of Visa and MasterCard cards often use 'Verified by Visa' and 'MasterCard SecureCode' when buying on the Internet. Today, over 40K Internet stores and 15K banks worldwide use 3D Secure technology.

3D Secure technology proved to be the most advanced payment security standard that cuts the risk of fraud to zero because a cardholder is authenticated at the time of payment for a purchase. That authentication takes place at a special server of a card-issuing bank (the bank that issued that bank card). For authentication, cardholders need to enter a login and a password known only to them. Thus, standard bank card details (such as a card number, an expiry date etc.), which can be stolen by fraudsters, are insufficient to make payment on the Internet. Data transmission is secured by the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) 3.0. Data are exchanged through restricted-access networks, which have a high-degree security an which passed a PCI DSS audit. Gathering, processing and storage of customers' personal data (card details, login data, etc.) are carried out by the processing centers that passed certification according to the PCI DSS standard.

MirAccept is a technology that allows to carry out transactions of payment for merchandises and services on the Internet by cards of the national payment system MIR. Initially, the cards working on the MIR system used the 3D-Secure security system. This development belongs to the VISA corporation.

Payment with MirAccept is secure as possible, a cardholder enters a secret code at the time of making an online transaction. The secret code additionally protects bank cards from unauthorized use at the time of online transactions.

The secret code is a onetime password sent through an SMS to a cardholder, and in this case, there is no need to active the SMS-Informing service. 

On the basis of the EMVCo 3D-Secure 2.1.0 protocol, the National Card Payment System developed and implemented MirAccept 2.0., a secure e-commerce platform. It's key feature is that in addition to a conventional cardholder authentication mechanism using a code from SMS messages and push notifications, it has a principle of analysis of the combination of factors that help to authenticate cardholders (payment behavior, device parameters, geolocation etc.). As opposed to dual-factor authentication using an SMS-code, that method to authenticate a payer is more reliable and allows to accelerate the payment process and receive more successful payments.


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