TCH offers ATSS participating airlines to:

  • upload airline information (reservation and sales practices, special services, etc.) in Information System of Technological Support for Ticketing Agents (ISTOK Information System);
  • post airline news & events at TCH website in News from Participants & Partners section and ISTOK Information System;
  • use TCH mailout service to communicate their news to accredited agencies.

You can email your news & events for posting on TCH website at

Airlines may request an option to administrate their pages in ISTOK Information System.

TCH provides the airline information support at no additional charge.


Your questions related to airline advertising solutions are always welcome at TCH Reservation Systems Department.

Head of the Department – Olga Smirnova, phone +7(495) 788-12-13, E-mail:

Please, contact Reservation Systems Department to get login and password for administration of airline page in ISTOK.

Maxim Korovin, phone +7(495) 788-12-13, E-mail: