Our goals are to:

  • Organize a network of sale of transportations and other ancillary services of the carriers participating in the Air Transport Settlement System (ATSS) and of providers-partners of TCH in accordance with the standards adopted in ATSS;
  • Provide standardized services, reports; to facilitate the formalities for organizing the network of sales of transportations/ancillary services that meet market requirements and respective international standards.

Our objectives are to:

  • Complete the tasks set by governing bodies of ATSS;
  • Accredit agencies, points-of-sale (POS), Internet points-of-sale (IPOS), and transaction self-service kiosks (TSSK)
  • Sign model agreements with accredited agencies, ATSS participating airlines and ancillary service providers;
  • Ensure settlement between TCH accredited agencies, ATSS participating carriers and ancillary service providers on time and in full;
  • Organize training of agencies' employees;
  • Develop, implement, and run high-tech systems, including industry systems matching international criteria;
  • Collect and process industry statistics; make forecasts;
  • Support efficient communication with ATSS participants and partners via TCH's web portal www.tch.ru