​Air Transport Settlement System (ATSS) supports reservation and sales of long-distance rail services offered by “Russian Railways”, OJSC, on ATSS Electronic Documents via PSSRS system and/or CRS Sirena-Travel neutral session.  

Administration of Rail Services Sales Rights in ADS “Sirena-Travel”

STEP 1: Sign Additional Agreement ЖД-АВС/13 to Model TCH-Agency Agreement. The wording of this agreement will be emailed to accredited agency upon request.

Your questions concerning signing of Additional Agreement ЖД-АВС/13 are welcome at Customer Relations and Contracts Department, phone: +7 (495) 788-12-23, e-mail: do@tch.ru.

STEP 2: Send to TCH application for registration of PSSRS terminals dedicated for selling rail services in “Sirena-Travel” neutral session showing accredited POS codes.

Application Form is set out in Annex # 4 to Additional Agreement # ЖД-АВС/13.

Your questions concerning registration of ticketing agents/PSSRS terminals are welcome at TCH Reservation Systems Department at phone + 7 (495) 788-12-13 or E-mail info@tch.ru.

  • Application for rai services terminal connection.

If necessary, ticketing agent practical training on sales of rail services can be arranged in CRS Sirena-Travel beta version based on the training system. A scanned copy of application should be submitted at info@tch.ru.​