Air Transport Settlement System (ATSS) enables to book and sale railway tickets on ATSS Electronic Documents in neutral session of GDS Sirena-Travel. 

Administration of Rail Services Sales Rights in GDS “Sirena-Travel”

STEP 1: Sign Railway-Agency Additional Agreement to Model TCH-Agency Agreement, the wording thereof will be emailed to accredited agency upon request.

Should you have any questions about signing Railway-Agency Additional Agreement, please contact our Contracts Department, phone: +7 (495) 788-12-23, e-mail:

STEP 2: File an application to TCH for agency connection via TCH Connect. (Application form for connection/disconnection of agency to Ancillary Services). The terminals specified in the application will obtain an access to sales.

Should you have any questions about registration of terminals, please contact TCH Reservation Systems Department: + 7 (495) 788-12-13, e-mail:

Where necessary, ticketing agent practical training on rail services sales is available in GDS Sirena-Travel beta version as part of the training system.