Within the Air Transport Settlement System (ATSS) the Airline shall establish and pay remuneration to the Agency. This obligation is established by Airline-TCH Model Agreement.

The Airline may establish the remuneration paid to the Agency as a percentage or in absolute numbers. The remuneration in absolute numbers might be expressed in RF rubles, US dollars or Euros. For the time being, the lowest remuneration payable to the Agency by the Airline is 0.1% and RUB 1.

The Airline may establish different rates of the agency remuneration for different agencies/POSs, types of transportation/routes, flights/departure dates/RBDs/fare codes, and carrier's ancillary services.

The agency remuneration established by the Airline shall be communicated to TCH using the  “Agency Remuneration Notification” in accordance with ATSS Standard No.121-2012 “Carrier Procedure for Setting Agency Remuneration”.

The agency remuneration shall be established by the Airline for the sale of carrier's transportation/ancillaries during the period as specified in the Agency Remuneration Notification.

The Airline may service the Agency Remuneration Notification to TCH in electronic form via  “My Account”.

The amount of agency remuneration shall be communicated to agencies by TCH.

Based on sales results over the reporting ten-day period, TCH shall ensure that agency remuneration is automatically computed and the relevant information is included in the exchange files sent to accredited agencies and airlines.