Air Transport Settlement System (ATSS) prescribes its airlines to establish and pay remuneration for accredited agencies, which is stipulated by Model Agreement between Airline and TCH.   

Remuneration for accredited agencies may be set by Airline as a percentage or in absolute value. Remuneration in absolute value may be established in RF RUB, USD or EUR. Current minimum remuneration set by airlines equals to 0.1% and RUB 1.

When agents are engaged with various CRS operators, airline may award variable remuneration for agency/agency’s POSs, types of transportation/routes, flights/departure dates/booking subclasses/fare codes, as well as for various  ancillary services provided by carriers.

Airline will establish agency remuneration and report the same to TCH in accordance with ATSS Standard # 121-2012 “Carrier Procedures for Agency Remuneration Setting” in the form of Notice for Agency Remuneration Setting.

Remuneration is set for carrier transportation/ancillary services sold within the period indicated in the Notice.

Airline may send notice to TCH electronically via TCH Connect system.

The amount of agency remuneration will be communicated to agencies via TCH.

On the basis of sales results for the reporting ten-day period, TCH shall provide automatic calculation of agency remuneration and include this data in exchange files to be sent to agencies and airlines.